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And then there was one


4 frozen yoghurt places on the same block, seasonal demand, negative health reviews and a hype that faded with a fickle market. What could possibly go wrong?

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Sooty Time - a homecoming


Sooty was recently hospitalized and required immediate surgery to deal with a cystic mass that had grown inside of him.

Follow this entry to see some photos and commentary of how he coped the first couple of days after he got home.

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total cost of travel


There's a cost associated with travel, and its not just the airfares. Meals, airport transfers, pet boarding, parking or taxi fares add to your cost. Not to mention hidden airline fees. If you've ever booked a flight online then you know that the advertised price isn't the final price that you'll end up paying. Take Jetstar for instance. They will charge you an outrageous fee of $8.50 per flight per passenger if you pay by credit card. Therefore a return flight from Brisbane to Sydney for myself will incur a $17 booking fee.

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Sooty Time - Is a cat better than a girlfriend/boyfriend


A friend at the gym was lamenting on her single life when our instructor thought she would help with some relationship advice.

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Opal Cards


New transport cards have been rolled out in Sydney, and I tried one out the other day with mixed results.

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