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Facebook IPO


Discover my basic principles to investing in an IPO and maybe you'll avoid being Zuckered like many people have with Facebook recently.

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Mum and Dad came to visit


Mum and Dad visited my place the other day and stayed for 6 days. It was great having them and they certainly enjoyed themselves.

Now I am sure that some of you have encountered the ire of your Mother (when you were still living with your folks) for treating the home like it was a hotel. You come and go as you please, blah blah blah. Of course if you hung around too long you'd be in trouble for lounging around the house too much. For the most part I got it right, but every now and then I would teeter on the edge.

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The Mystery Date


Girls like a bit of mystery, they like suspense and the thrill of pleasant surprises. I quickly discovered that Maria was no different when I took her on a mystery date.

(Sorry Kimi I did that on a Saturday too; so once again I missed your gym class).

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Hiking (and apologies to Kimi)


Maria and I have been going back to the Blue Mountains for more hiking, and this time we've been taking friends with us. This entry talks about one of those trips with my upstairs neighbours, Vanda and Arnhem.

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Marco Polo (or something like that)


I was chatting with a mate from work giving him a brief outline of what Maria and I did the day before. I know we did something good when he interrupted me and told me not to tell his missus because he doesn't do stuff like that for her.

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