Distribution of Performance

This report used pie charts and tabulated numerical data to convey the information. The tabulated data looked across 3 years worth of data for comparative analysis and the pie charts were grouped for the school and diocese, split across the different assessment items (Part A, Part B and Overall).


Hi Brent,

I am looking to learn how you intergrate bpay system in a lms. can you please guide.

thanking you

Kind Regards


By Prashu (not verified)


Does an LMS have a finance module? BPay deals with invoices and payments etc.. There are several parts to that:
Setting up the business with BPay (to receive the Biller Code)
Proving your checkDigit routine, and supplying that to BPay.
Using the logo, invoice number (with checkdigit) on the invoice
Writing code to accept and process the payment files

Of course your best bet is to read the BPay documentation which will guide you through these steps and explain the structure of the payments file.

Hope that helps,


By Brent

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