Favourite Links


Dilbert. A short comic strip looking at the inane of the corporate world. Funnily enough if you read enough you can draw parallels with your own experiences, and sometimes the timing can be rather uncanny. I have found those that do not work in an office environment just don't get it.

fmylife. An interesting look at people's misfortunes and the sometimes hilarious consequences of it. Some are fake, some are real, but at least you get to vote if you believe the person totally deserved it!

Whirlpool. An interesting collection of technology forums to keep you amused with peoples' rantings and ravings. Quite often though there are some really good pieces of information.

Amazon. An early pioneer in eCommerce, this company started selling books online before branching out into other products. Amazon have a fantastic business model and they continue to innovate and improve their business. Even if you don't purchase anything, still worth a visit to read other peoples opinions on the product you're looking at buying.


Yii Framework. An excellent framework for building robust web applications. I predominately use this for my development.

PHP. The PHP homepage. PHP is the server side scripting language that allows for dynamic web pages to be created, and I use it for command line scripting and cron jobs as well. PHP is open-source and free to download.

codeception A testing framework that brings a lot of other frameworks together under the one common language and syntax. I can do phpUnit, Behat and Selenium while using the same style and syntax across all the different technologies.

MySQL. MySQL is a very popular database that is used with web hosting and many businesses. MySQL is open-source and free to download, however you can opt to purchase enterprise level support if you need it.


NetBeans. A free open source IDE that is great for your application development.

NotePad++. A great code editor that has syntax highlighting for most of the programming languages in use today.

Charles Web Proxy. Well worth the price, and I use this to debug Flex and AJAX interactions.It can even handle AMF.

Paint.net. A great image editing program that is free to download and has way more features that Microsoft Paint. I used Paint.net to blur sensitive information in my portfolio.



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