Gaming - My New Games


Two new games I'm looking forward to are XCOM 2 and Dovetail Flight Simulator. I believe both will take me back to a nostalgic era where I was captivated by both genres.

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Gaming - A lost art


I had high hopes for a remake of an old classic. Master of Orion 1/2. This is the game by which all other space 4x strategy games are measured by. But what happens when the devs take the wrong path with the relaunch of the new one?

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Fawlty Towers and Hardware stores


I recently introduced my girlfriend to Fawlty Towers. She had never seen it or heard about before, but for someone that isn't really into comedy she laughed and laughed. But this begs the question; what prompted the introduction?

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FSX does not work on Windows 10


Bad news for flight sim lovers. Despite screen shots of FSX running on Windows 10, my original Microsoft copy simply wont work.

It may be different for the Steam version from Dovetail games, but it certainly looks like I wont be doing any flight simulator stuff until the new version comes out later this year..

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Nasi Goreng

nasi goreng

My own twist on an old classic - Nasi Goreng

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