A tale of two


What happens when you go to a restaurant where the meals are priced in the high twenties and you are served powdered mash potato?

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A bad dose of Karma


I'll let you in on a couple of secrets.

  • Insurance is designed to protect you from a catastrophic financial disaster.
  • There is a difference between personal loans and car loans, and you really should read the warning labels
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Decorator Design Pattern

In this 3 page article I consolidate the information provided in my 2 introductory articles on design patterns and present the reader with a discussion on the decorator design pattern.

Academic Workloads

I just wish to inform you that Brent Knigge has been invaluable in assisting the Faculty of Education with a workaround for a difficult situation. We needed a way to determine 2011 academic workloads in order to populate 2011 Course Enrolment Guides.


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