Deferred Exam Application

I would like to bring to your attention the outstanding customer service Examinations and Results have received from Brent Knigge, Senior Web and System Analyst Programmer, Information Technology.

We are extremely grateful to have had the pleasure of working with Brent. Over the last five months he has developed a far superior system for the processing of Applications for Deferred Examinations. The previous procedures used were very labour intensive; involving a great deal of manual data entry and record retrieval. We originally contacted Student Systems; looking for the capability of running one report to print the current enrolment of numerous students applying for Deferred Examinations. Our request was given to Brent Knigge. Brent implemented programs to expedite our services; transferring data directly into and from the Banner system.

With Brent’s new programs we are able to do 95% of the processing online, only the verification of documentary evidence involving some paper processing. I am certain we have made a large contribution to saving the rainforests. The students now submit the forms online and they come directly to Examinations. We are notified of the applications via an email and can view the applications and documents. The students receive automated emails and screens in Banner are updated as the processing steps are completed. These automated systems replace previous data entry; easing the workloads not only in our section, but for the Student Centres. The previous printing, tracking and transferring of paper applications is no longer necessary. These manual practices caused a considerable amount of concern for all of us. I believe, we should all be deeply appreciative of his assistance and support. Brent treated our outdated processing difficulties with the utmost importance.

Brent has been very sensitive to our needs and provided the quickest and most automated solutions to our past processing problems. He was able to see our frustrations and identify the areas where system improvement was possible. Once the application was established; Brent took a further step; working with Systems to allow the applications to be transferred into Zylab. Thereby removing the arduous task of manually scanning all of the applications onto the students’ record. He has handled the issues as if they were his own, and I can safely say all of my expectations were not only met; but surpassed. It has been very exciting working with Brent and watching the progress of the new process. I am sure you will understand my position, and I hope that you will pass the department’s thanks on to him.


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