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COMP306 - Software Design & Development

One of the best units/lecturers I've had at this Uni who challenged my learning and greatly extended my knowledge. It was one of my units that I always looked foward to and inspired me to push further in my computing skills.

Brent taught this unit enthusiastically and with a lot of knowledge in the subject area.

Brent was a good lecturer who allowed full class discussion and helped everyone.

The unit was well structured and I enjoyed the content of the unit and how it was taught.

COMP307 - ICT Project

This was an extremely challenging unit that took many, many hours to complete the assessments - a unit which took many hours to complete. The lecturer clearly had a passion for the subject and teaching.

Hardest unit of my life.

I truthfully think that Brent is an excellent lecturer, I be happy to have him again!

Your responses to questions I found most useful. thank you for your constructive cristism. While originally I found the assessments overwhelming in the end they really challenged me and allowed me to demonstrate my learning

From 2005 - the very first year I taught

Brent is an approachable, motivating and competent lecturer. I believe his very approachable nature and high competency in this subject area has made him a great asset to the ACU teaching staff. Brent always gives time to students in need. His patience in teaching and understanding to student life circumstances makes this class enjoyable as well as the support of Brent to achieve assessment tasks. Unit outline and online notes are clear and extermely helpful to my learning.

Brent Knigge is the best computer teacher at this campus that I have come across over my years at ACU - he definately should be retained. Thanks for the excellent teaching Brent!!

Brent is excellent, he is so good and helpful, ACU has to hire him ASAP. I wish I had him before in other subjects. Lecture notes -> excellent. Tute help -> excellent. He is very helpful. Knows content back to front, is willing to help student. As a comp major this is the best lecturer I have ever had + I have learnt so much about PHP. I like the test answer (worked solutions) so helpful. The class always listens to him speaking, always has full attention.

This unit has been the best taught in my course.

The lecturer was very approachable in this unit, and his knowledge of programming was shown with the professionalism of his teaching. Brent Knigge is the best computing lecturer at ACU.


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