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I've read many books from many authors over the years. Tom Clancy was an early favourite and Red Storm Rising was the first 'War' novel that I read and really enjoyed. Robert Ludlum is another classic author and I am privileged to have read the Bourne Identity about 20 years before they made the blockbuster movie with Matt Damon. Tess Gerritsen, Alex Karva, Andy McNab and John Grisham are authors that I have read, but below is a list of some of my recent additions.

Lee Child. Most of his books that I have read I have thoroughly enjoyed. Some are much better than others, and I can certainly recommend Killing Floor, Bad Luck and Trouble, One Shot. There is a one minute spiel on you tube by Lee Child on how he came up with the name Jack Reacher (which is worth 1 minute of your time to view in my opinion).

Chris Ryan. He writes books for both adults and young adults, and I've read both and they're pretty good. Agent 21 sounds like it might be an interesting read.

David Baldacci. Most recent books of his that I have read are Sixth Man and Divine Justice


Some of my favourite programming books are no longer applicable because they are obsolete or I am not coding in the language anymore. They related to C++ and C++Builder, and the one that got me going in the C++ Builder IDE was a dummies book. According to Amazon you can purchase a 'used' copy from $0.01. The other great book at the time was C++ Builder How-To. Below is a list of current books that have peaked my interest in recent years.

JavaScript - the definitive guide. In a world full of crappy JavaScript books, this one really shone through.

Effortless Flex. I loved this book so much that I even wrote a review on Amazon! A great intro to wet your appetite for Flex.

PHP and MySQL for dynamic websites. The first edition of this text is what I used to learn PHP and MySQL. Great book.

More recently I have been purchasing eBooks and training videos from tutsplus and packt publishing. Both have been excellent.


I have quite a few finance books covering stuff like fundamental analysis, technical analysis, charting, candle sticks, FX. I even have an encyclopedia of chart patterns, however below is a list of books that I believe will appeal to the mainstream that wish to learn about the subject matter.

the Market Gurus. A great book that looks at fundamental analysis from 10 of the top financial gurus; 1 chapter per person. Its like 10 books with the juicy bits cut out and rolled into 1 book. If you're going into the stock market, then do yourself a favour and get this book. I read this book, extracted the stuff I liked and built my 'investment checklist' that helped me make money and have enough to lay down a deposit for my home. Of course I was doing this during a bull run on the market before the GFC so it might have just been fluke.

Essentials of Foreign Exchange Trading. A great book that has given me an understanding of the FX market. I liked it so much I even wrote a review on Amazon. I haven't started trading yet, but will let you know how I go.


I have an interesting collection of non fiction books that I have enjoyed reading. From books on body language to story telling, I have an interesting cross section. Below are a few of them.

What every BODY is saying. Written by an ex-FBI agent it looks at body language and what various signals may indicate.

Plot and Structure. Even if you have no interest in fiction writing, it can be nice to understand plot, structure and what makes a good story. At least now if I see a crappy movie, I can tell you why.

Corporate Confidential: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn't Want You to Know. Looks like this one is out of print, but who knew HR wasn't there to help you. They're there to protect the business from you!



Please to see we have a like taste in authors.

By Suzanne ( Aunt) (not verified)

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