When nature calls

What happens when you combine the attributes of a hopeless prankster with a woman that needs to pee in the bush?

Everyone would have encountered the hopeless prankster; you know, the one that gives it away before the victim has taken the bait. Usually the hopeless prankster is smiling with their grin ever widening as you get closer to taking the bait. Sometimes they might be laughing or giggling because they have already anticipated the outcome. Regardless of the tell tale signs given, the hopeless prankster is usually always caught out by their suspicious behaviour.

What happens when you combine the attributes of a hopeless prankster with a woman that needs to pee in the bush? What you get is a hilarious slapstick comedy that will keep you in stitches whether you witnessed the events unfolding or the story is told to you.

Maria and I are hiking through the Blue Mountains when she really needs to pee. We were descending a cliff to reach the bottom of Wentworth Falls and there wasn't anywhere suitable for a lady to go to the toilet. I kept this in mind as we hit the Over cliff trail heading towards Empress Falls. If you've seen the photos, you'll know that there are not many locations where you can walk off the track and be safe. We had a cliff face on one side and a very step drop on another. Despite the rugged terrain I found the ideal ambush spot. It was a small piece of flat ground, high up a rise, on the bend in the track where she wouldn't be seen from the direction we came and difficult to spot from the direction we were going.

All would have been fine if it weren't for the strange thoughts going through Maria's mind. What is Brent thinking? Why here? What if someone comes? Do I continue to pee or hold it in? How about if instead of being discrete when people come, I start giggling and give my position away. Just like a hopeless prankster would when trying to bait their victim.

So what do hikers do when they are walking along a trail and they hear giggling? They look to the source of the giggling of course! What does Maria do when the hikers see the source of the giggling. She laughs. What do the hikers do? They smile and exchange the commentary with me "when nature calls".


A classic example of an experience for a first timer like myself to go bush walking.That was hilarious. Lol.

By Maria (not verified)

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