Friends and Affiliates

You may not believe this but some of my friends have their own websites as well. Here is a list of them.

Larry Ullman. An author of a couple of my favourite computer books, especially Flex. Larry has been kind enough to send me free copies of his books, and I have been privileged to have worked with Larry on his C++ book where I had a hand as technical editor. We still keep in touch.

Shorty. A mate of mine from the army. We met in the army reserves. He joined full time, got posted all over the country and managed to corp transfer to IT. Shorty currently resides in Melbourne and we manage to catch up every now and then.

Helena Popovic. A nice person that I met at the gym. We'll often be in the same classes together, body attack and body pump and she is very fit and strong.

Simone Robinson. One of my favourite gym instructors that taught body attack and body pump at a gym I used to go to. Simone made a special appearance in my mobile phone article, and although we don't keep in touch I hope things are working out well for her.

Jo Pearson. We were good friends when she used to live in Sydney. We both worked at ACU; she was in Visual Arts and I was in IT. I even did an art class with her where I learnt to paint. We email each other every so often.

Eat your Face Off. Vicky Whittleton has a passion for cooking and really enjoys the web, so when you combine the two ingredients you get an awesome web site. She works at ACU with the web services team, and we like swapping Drupal stories.

Nicole DeCourcy. Nicole was a student of mine (2010) and also a co-author of an article that we had published. She has done very well with her University studies and I hope she continues to do well in her future endeavours.

Nicholas Ward. Nick was a student of mine (2012) that topped his class and has the potential for success in the future.