Deferred Examinations

It may not look like much, but this report pulls data from Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL databases and builds additional pages from content the customer has uploaded. This report is part of a Deferred Examination Application. Students would apply for a deferred exam if they were unable to sit the examination at the scheduled time, and typically they would supply supporting documentation. The uploaded documents (whether it be pdf, doc, docx, jpeg or png) would be built as additional pages onto the report allowing the clients to have all the relevant information they needed in one report.

The report we see here is the historical state of a corresponding interactive report that has already been acted upon. Whereas the interactive version provides the user a series of form elements to interact with, this report tells us what actions had been performed and when they were actioned.

The DE project that I initiated helped the Examinations section so much that I received a letter of commendation for my innovative work and professionalism.


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