Disability Report

The disability report is an interactive report allowing staff members to 'fill in' missing pieces of data in the report before printing it.

The premise for this report was that the disability office would have hard copy files of the interactions they would have with a student, and this particular report would serve as the file cover sheet. When a student would visit the disability office for the first time, the nature of the disability may or may not be recorded on the Student Information System (SIS). Reasons for this vary, but most commonly it is a temporary disability that is affecting the students mobility or learning (i.e. broken limbs, post-op surgery etc).

The report is very straight forward to use. The Disability Officer would enter a student id into the admin interface, press the submit button and an interactive PDF report would be generated. The report would extract the necessary information from the SIS and where it is not available, form elements would be placed on the report for the staff member to enter data if they needed before printing.


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