Marco Polo (or something like that)

I was chatting with a mate from work giving him a brief outline of what Maria and I did the day before. I know we did something good when he interrupted me and told me not to tell his missus because he doesn't do stuff like that for her.

I won't tell his missus, but I will share with you what we did. Thursday afternoon and Maria and I finish work just after 4pm. We're in North Sydney and my plan is for Maria and I to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and have dinner in the city. Maria was really looking forward to this because despite living in Australia for more than 20 years, she hadn't actually gotten around to walking across the bridge or its been so long she can't remember if she had walked across the bridge.

We make our way down to Milsons Point, through the tunnel and up the stairs onto the bridge. Not more than 100 metres along the bridge she stops, turns around and asks with a quizical look on her face how did we get here?

Our walk across the bridge was a pleasant meander and we stopped several times so that she could take in the views. We were also fortunate enough to witness the Sun Princess sail under the Harbour Bridge while we were still on it. It was a spectacular site, and I think those on board would have enjoyed the view too.

After walking for just over 100 minutes (okay we had a few pauses to admire the view and to watch people do the bridge climb with me explaining that it really isn't that scary) we made it to Westfields on Pitt Street Mall and I take Maria straight to a very nice food court on Level 5. Now most people probably wander around in an indecisive manner looking at everything on offer trying to figure out exactly what they want. Not us! The walk gave me plenty of time to think about what I was going to get. I found a nice spot for us and I told Maria to sit, relax and that I'd be back with dinner shortly.

I came back with the Pepper crusted Beef Rump Picana with duck fat roasted vegetables for Maria, and I had the Chilli Garlic Chicken with lemon and parsley (that also came with vegetables). I got these delectable delights from one of my favourite eateries on Level 5, Reuben and Moore. I do recommend you try it out (and their steaks are very nice too).

After dinner we played a game of Marco Polo (or something like that). With Maria not very good at finding places I gave her the challenge of trying to find the Nut Shop where we would be rewarded with chocolate incaberries. She could ask me questions, but I could only respond with a yes or no. Oh my gosh, dinner was so nice! Yes. Which way do we go?.......Ohhhhhhh.

I don't know if what we did warrants the status of don't tell my missus ..., but Maria and I really enjoyed ourselves that evening. We did a nice walk, enjoyed nice scenery, had good food and managed to put an interesting spin on the evening with a game of Marco Polo (or something like that). We'll do it again if the opportunity arises because there are still plenty more eateries to try out on Level 5 and when you both find something you enjoy, why not do it again!


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