Hiking (and apologies to Kimi)

Maria and I have been going back to the Blue Mountains for more hiking, and this time we've taken extra people with us. The first weekend saw us take my upstairs Neighbours Vanda and Arnhem. They got the invite the week before as I finished sweeping the patio and Vanda emerged on the balcony to hang washing out. I extended an invitation to her and her husband to join us, and they accepted a few days later with Arnhem proclaiming that Vanda should have accepted on the spot.

The drive out to the Blue Mountains was uneventful and we arrived to a beautiful crisp morning to start our walk. Knowing that our previous walk was breathtaking I decided to take my guests the same route Maria and I did the first time we went in February. When I could see Vanda forging ahead with gusto (I put her in front for some of the legs) I was able to comment You know we've been walking for over an hour now. I shared her sentiments when she said that it didn't feel like we'd been walking for an hour already. But then we were out in the bush walking a trail and stopping to take in the beautiful scenery and take a few pictures.

The end of the walk meant a fairly step ascent, and I really liked seeing Maria and Vanda; woman with different fitness levels, feel good about themselves and what they had accomplished. Maria running up the incline with me and Vanda pushing through the physical exhaustion to get to the finish. It felt great to see the sense of achievement with the expressions on their faces.

My guests enjoyed hiking with us so much that they paid for our lunch at Leura. So Arnhem and Vanda, thank you for lunch. It was not expected and Maria and I both had a lovely time with you. We'll take you guys back there again in Spring, and this time we'll shout for lunch. (we went to Bon Ton Cafe Restaurant which was very, very nice).

So how does this story tie in with Kimi (and who is she)? First Kimi is a lovely gym instructor and by some unnatural forces I only get to see her on a Saturday morning for a Body Pump class. So Kimi, I'm sorry I've missed a few of your classes but I have been hiking and if its any consolation I have been taking the backpack. I'll make it up to you by:

  • coming to a few more of your classes.
  • Not laughing when you swallow the tinfoil wrapping instead of the throat lozenge
  • Trying not to laugh at any of your other countless misfortunes (but only when you're not looking)

Kimi, you're a great girl and I'll look at having you along for one of my next hikes. For anyone else reading, you haven't experienced a pump class until you've had Kimi.


Hiking in the Blue Mountains was awesome! This time I was very determined to run back up to the top and to show Brent that I can do it. Though I pushed myself a little bit but hey, it was a really great feeling. Vanda and Arnhem, you guys rock! Thanks to you Brent.

By Maria (not verified)

Truly an awesome time with fabulous company! Thank you Maria & Brent:)! Maria, you're a sweetheart!

By Vanda (not verified)

hmm nice written. are you a professional writer? i'm looking for help for my own site.

By Julia27 (not verified)

Dear Julia, thank you for your comment. There are excellent books and resources available that discuss various aspects of writing, and now that you've posed the question I'll post a blog or two on writing; technical and fiction.

By Brent

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