The Mystery Date

Girls like a bit of mystery, they like suspense and the thrill of pleasant surprises. I quickly discovered that Maria was no different when I took her on a mystery date.

Maria knew that we were going out, and the only information that she had was to wear comfortable walking shoes and bring her train ticket. The train ticket was for a back-up plan, but served nicely to build intrigue as we left my place in a car. Adding to the unknown were my parents (who I was chatting with on Skype when Maria arrived) who also thought it funny to add a little mis-direction of their own to the wind.

Driving to Rozelle Bay was uneventful, but it did give Maria time to ponder why we were driving. She had her train ticket but we were in the car. It didn't make sense but I told her that we had to drive the first part.

Light Rail and the trip to the city
We parked the car on Railway Parade at Rozelle Bay, got out and with Maria never been to this area before looked around at the residential houses and wondered "what are we doing here". I didn't say much but directed her up the hill to the Sydney Light Rail stop. This was the first plot point as she didn't know anything about the light rail beyond Star City (now known as The Star).

We got off at Pyrmont Bay and walked across the bridge along Market Street where detoured under the busy George Street intersection via the Queen Victoria Building. Our first pittstop was Haighs Chocolates where I shouted Maria a packet of Milk Chocolate Orange Pastells and citrus chocs. We didn't open them, but I did get a couple of Lemon Truffles to share as we continued to make our way down George Street towards Circular Quay.

We walked up Martin Place where I was able to point out Channel 7 where they film Seven's Sunrise Program. Often on the show you will see people looking in the windows, and I told Maria that we'll be part of the crowd looking in one day.

As we neared the top I made comment about the chocolates we have, and that since it was a little cold maybe she would like a Hot Chocolate to warm herself up. She responded that she would like a hot chocolate and I said "we can't have any old hot chocolate from any old place. We've had Lindt down in Melbourne, we've had Guylian at the Rocks. We need something of the same calibre."

"The best hot chocolate I had was the one in Melbourne. I loved it" Maria said.

I looked into Maria's eyes and smiled. "Well it just so happens that we're going to the same place for our next pit stop. It's the Lindt Cafe."

Maria stopped walking, held my hand tighter and started jumping up and down in excitement. "Really. You're not joking are you?" Nothing more needed to be said.

Circular Quay and getting to lunch
After sharing a hot chocolate we continued our journey to Circular Quay and as luck would have it the ferry to Manly would depart in 10 minutes. I purchased our tickets and we made our way on board and found a window seat on the upper deck. The trip was pleasant and we admired the views along with the other passengers.

After about 20 minutes we arrived at the Manly Wharf and we made our way through the terminal, across the street and up the pedestrian mall towards the ocean. The Styne Hotel was the location for our lunch. Maria had a beautiful salmon salad and I had the scotch fillet steak. Both were yummy, and we both shared. The price for our lunch was reasonable, but the drinks were a bit steep. $4 for a soft drink.

With a full belly and an aching need for a walk, we headed off on the promenade towards Shelly Beach. It's a beautiful walk that is not arduous and we took the option of walking through the bush land and admiring the view of the ocean. As I researched the links for this blog entry, it appear the walk continues past the carpark and up around the north head. I will have to investigate further or someone could leave a comment if they know.

Walking back from Shelly Beach we bumped into a friend (Jin) and her husband from work. Our friend ditched the husband (he was going surfing anyway) and Jin joined us for a short stroll and a few photos. We departed company at Ben and Jerry's where Maria and I shared a strawberry ice-cream.

Back to Sydney and the Star
The ferry ride back to Sydney occurred as the sun was low on the horizon and we managed to take a couple of nice photos. One was of the sun glowing through gaps in the buildings at North Sydney and another with an orange sky back drop for the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

From Circular Quay we walked to the Star. Maria knew we had one more stop on our journey and the only clue that she had was the chef had been on the TV show Master Chef. Not as a contestant, but as a visiting chef and he makes Deserts. When we were on the Pyrmont Bridge and we could see The Star I told her.

Once again Maria was excited about our new destination, Adriano Zumbo and I told her about the desert train (like a sushi train except they are deserts). I was looking forward to sitting down at a dessert train, but unfortunately we arrived just after it had opened AND it was full. There was no room for us. After more than 8 hours from when we left my place neither of us were in a mood to wander around some more and try our luck later. Instead we popped into the store took some happy snaps and tried a couple of macarons. They were beautiful. We were happy with out 'desert' and promised to come back again.

The end of long day
Maria loved what I had planned for her. The walks, the lunch, the surprise stops and of course the suspense of not quite knowing what was coming next. I enjoyed the day too, and even though we had been out for nearly 9 hours we never felt bored or that we were being dragged around. Everything seemed to tie in nicely for us, and when we got back to my place Maria was a sleep within 10 minutes.


Sounds like a nice day out :)

By Karl (not verified)

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