Mum and Dad came to visit

Mum and Dad visited my place the other day and stayed for 6 days. It was great having them and they certainly enjoyed themselves.

Now I am sure that some of you have encountered the ire of your Mother (when you were still living with your folks) for treating the home like it was a hotel. You come and go as you please, blah blah blah. Of course if you hung around too long you'd be in trouble for lounging around the house too much. For the most part I got it right, but every now and then I would teeter on the edge.

Mum and Dad arrived on Friday and were sitting comfortable in my place when I got home from work. What a great way to reminisce when I arrived home, said hello (okay I gave them a hug), got changed and headed straight out the door for the gym (those classes wont wait for anyone you know!). Anyway my Mum being a great Mum that she is, had dinner ready for me when I got home. Thanks Mum.


I woke up early and fed Sooty before going back to bed to get some more sleep. Sooty of course was happy to be fed and proceeded with his morning ritual of clawing at my couch (the freak'n scratching post is right next to it you stupid cat), running around outside surveying his territory before coming back to bed and snugglying up next to me.

Later in the morning (after we all got up) we proceeded to gurney the patio area. All was going good until they realized that the gurney wasn't removing the stains as well as it did the ground in dirt back at their place. Off to the shops I go and come back with 4 litres of bleach to pour everywhere. Gurney the patio again and realize that the bleach isn't good enough and we need something stronger.

It's too late to do any more because Maria is arriving shortly and taking us out. She purchased a lunch time harbour cruise for my parents (and later added us) with Pearl Cruises which departs from the King Street wharfs. We had good company, we enjoyed our lunch and we got to see a little bit of Sydney from the harbour. Thank you Maria.


Sunday morning and I convinced everyone that we should go to Pancakes on the rocks (at North Strathfield) for breakfast. It was great, and you know what, the pancakes are really lovely.

Now remember how I said that we needed something stronger than bleach for the stains on the patio? Well straight after breakfast we head to Bunnings hardware store to get hydrochloric acid (and tile sealer or sealing the tiles afterwards). The acid is fantastic and worked very well at removing the stains. I had quite a bit left over so I took it downstairs to the garage and had a go at a nasty oil stain on the floor that had been there god knows how long (before I moved in anyway). The stain isn't completely removed (ran out of acid), but the garage floor is a hell of a lot better than what it was. I'm pretty impressed.

The rest of the day went like this. Acid wash the tiles, gurney, dry, apply sealant. Repeat with the sealant because it stipulates at least 2 coats. Maria left well before this because she had other things to do but it was interesting to see my mother and my girlfriend propped up on the couch bed watching TV together.

For dinner I took my parents to the Outback Steakhouse. Its a restaurant that they really enjoy, and it is also at North Strathfield (in fact right next to Pancakes where we went for breakfast). After dinner we walked to Cheeky Chocolate where their menu is created by Adriano Zumbo. After a heavy meal we shared a single desert between the 3 of us, but it was oh so nice.


I walk out the door just after 7 in the morning to go to work. My parents continue applying sealant to the tiles outside, and I'm not sure what else they did that day. I get home, stay with them for about an hour before I head off to the gym for 2 hours of Body Pump and Body Attack.


I've got the day off so that I can spend some time with Mum and Dad. Actually the car is getting dropped off for a service and I have a dentist appointment. After the dentist appointment Mum and Dad are waiting for me and we catch a train to the city so they can have lunch at Cloudy Bay Fish company. I order the clam chowder and settle in to enjoy a nice meal. Also thanks to Mum and Dad for sharing their chips with me. Cloudy Bay really do the best chips. Yum.

After lunch Mum and Dad get a gelato to share from Via Del Corso. Pop asked for Blackberry, and I don't remember what Mum got but it was all very nice. We stop by Happy Lab, the Nut Shop and Haighs before we part ways. I went home (pick up the car) and Mum and Dad went to visit 'The Star' to see the renovations. I gave my parents some money and told them that their mission was to find Adriano Zumbo's and bring back a desert.

After another nice home cooked meal (and the desert), I showed my parents the fancy features of my TV (like the internet channels that I have) and showed them the preview of the new Bourne movie coming out. Of course they wanted to watch that, but it hasn't been released yet (come'n guys I'm showing you previews from the coming soon section). So with a TV that can't watch movies that haven't been released yet, I directed them to BigPond where we watched Limitless. I really enjoyed that movie and I can recommend it.


Back at work and my clients are loving a new feature I built into one of my applications. The ability to send emails (and attachments) on to a report. Its part of the DE Application which has a lot of people at the university talking about.

Once again my parents are treated to the hello goodbye routine as I head out the door for the gym (I try to do 3 times a week), and I'm treated to a nice cooked meal when I get home. Thanks Mum. We repeat the routine from last night except this time I go straight to BigPond and select Source Code for them to watch. Another good movie to watch and Michelle Monaghan is cute too.


Just after 7 in the morning I'm heading out the door to go to work. Mum and Dad leave just after 9 for the drive back. When I arrive home my place looks better than when they arrived 6 days before. Thanks Mum and Dad. I really appreciate everything you've done, and the tiles look great too.


all had nothing like family is there we do not see enough of them thank you for sharing with me love auntydorothyxx

By auntydorothy (not verified)

Hey Brent! Thoroughly enjoying your stories...delightful and oh so funny!:)

By Vanda (not verified)

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