Maria and I went to Melbourne for the weekend

In the first weekend of December 2011, Maria, her daughter Reena and I went to Melbourne for the weekend. This was our first trip away, and we were happy with the experience. We did enough to enjoy ourselves, and left room to do other stuff next time. Below is a diary of our trip.


Paid $56 for a return ticket on the Skybus (airport - city - express) for 2 Adults and 1 child. (The ticket allows up to 4 children). Checked the map I printed from Google and figured we can walk from Southern Cross station to Flagstaff Gardens. It wasn't too far and we managed to check in before the room was ready. That was fine because we dumped our luggage and I took the girls back down the same route to a sushi restaurant on Bourke street I had eyed off as a possible contender for lunch. Lunch was very nice and we had a corner booth over looking the footpath so we were able to watch everyone go about their daily business (waiting for the lights to change so they could cross the street).

Took the girls down Collins Street and then Swanston street towards Federation Square. Crossed the river to South Gate and walked along the promenade a bit before heading back to Fed Square and booking a day tour for the Great Ocean Road. Picked up a better map of Melbourne than the google one I printed and caught the train from Flinders Street to FlagStaff (we didn't know about the city circle tram).

Got back to the Hotel, showered, rested and went downstairs for a lovely dinner with some ACU friends from the Melbourne campus.


We spent the entire day on a bus tour. We stopped at Apollo Bay for Lunch. That was a nice town. We went to the 12 Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge and stopped at a few spots for photos. You can see some of the photos from our trip in the photo gallery. The entire tour was great and I started to run out of memory on the camera so I had to delete some of my older photos.


I got up early and went for a walk. I wanted to find a place we could go for breakfast since I didn't fancy another $22 fruit salad made from tin fruit again. It might be an all you can eat, but I am past the time when I could eat for 4 people and not show anything for it. Plus I wanted a different experience. I found a diner across the road from Queen Victoria Markets and I had freshly squeezed orange juice with eggs benedict. Maria and Reena shared a day break breakfast (scrambled eggs, hash browns etc) and toasted banana bread with maple syrup and butter. The Queen Victoria Markets were good and I thought I might buy a jumper to keep me warm (I only had shorts and t-shirt on). Its amazing how much coldness you're prepared to put up with when the stall owner wants $145 for the jumper.

We finished up at the markets, headed back to the hotel, changed and started making our way to South Gate. We were going to be meeting up with friends for lunch. We had a nice lunch and we were able to catch up with each of our friend(s) respectively. After lunch Maria's friends had to go, but I took the girls and my friend and his missus further along the promenade to the Lindt cafe I had spied 2 days earlier. My friend is now a hot chocolate convert, and he and his missus are likely to comeback after enviously looking on as Maria and I demolished the waffles and ice-cream.

After the Lindt Cafe my friend and I departed and we made our way back to Federation Square where we caught the city circle tram. The tram went down Spencer Street out to Docklands, back thru the northern side of the city where we got off so that I could show Maria the Melbourne campus. It was getting a bit cold by this stage so I had Maria take off her jumper and give it to Reena, and Maria wore my jacket. We walked back along LaTrobe Street to Melbourne Central where we got a sausage from the Snag Stand (Reena chose McDonalds for dinner instead). After a light dinner I somehow ended up with handbag duty and carried that back to the hotel.

Not long after we got back Maria went to Church for an 8:00pm service and I developed a sore throat. I went and picked Maria up about 1 hour later and unfortunately I was not going to get much sleep. Sore throat, and a slight feeling of nausea kept me awake most of the night.


Tired, no breakfast, sore to swallow. We checked out, re-traced our steps back to Southern Cross station and caught the Skybus back to the airport. I managed to eat a hash brown which I didn't find too difficult to swallow. The descent into Sydney wasn't too bad so I hoped that would be an indication that my cold (sore throat out, head cold in) won't be very bad. After I had picked up the cat and did some washing I went to bed where I spent the rest of the day with blanket on, blanket off as I alternated between trying to stay warm and cool down from a fever.


I had fun visiting new places and it was different from Sydney. I really liked travelling around the city in the tram. I wish I had an SLR camera so i could take really good photos.

By Reena (not verified)

If you like travelling then hopefully our trip to Perth will be just as memorable - but there are no trams and I'm not getting you an SLR.

By Brent

I travelled the Great Ocean Road a few (maybe many) years ago and I think a day trip would not do it justice. A good 3 days of driving, stopping and marvelling is definitely needed to get the most out of it.
Good thing you got to see the twelve (eleven) apostles while they are mostly all still standing :)

p.s. Great website

By Ali (not verified)

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