A lack of common sense

We had very strong winds in Sydney last week with gusts the strongest they'd been in 6 years. With strong winds comes destruction. Roofs blown off, boats being swept from their moorings and large tree branches being torn off. With this wild weather there are some things you shouldn't do, and there are some things you just don't expect to see.

I can understand that there are people less fortunate in society, and that sometimes they have to make do but that shouldn't excuse a lack of common sense. Washing car windscreens for a buck at the traffic lights might be the only talent you have, but seriously when everyone else is trying to avoid the wild weather why on earth would you want to stand in the middle of the road offering to clean a windshield?

Why on earth would you continue this enterprise when your stuff is getting blown away and you can't secure it? It some situations it might be funny, but what I saw was dangerous. Your stuff is being blown onto the road, and you're chasing after it. If there had been on coming traffic then I'm sure my story would be different; but luckily it's not.

So the question is:

  • Do I walk away or
  • offer advice

Walking away is easy, it's what most people do and its what I did that very windy day. Unsolicited advice isn't always appreciated, and it takes a great deal of finesse to deliver advice in a non critical, non threatening manner. I'm sure I could have approached this situation appropriately, however given the fact that this person didn't appear to have any commonsense, I doubted that he would have listened (or acted on) anything based on commonsense.

Our windscreen washer guy isn't an isolated incident or person. The world seems to be full of them, there's even a website devoted to people that have un ceremoniously removed themselves from the world by their own stupid acts, but the big question is why o why do we seem to have so many of them?


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