When good things go bad

I know some people have used a knife to spear food and eat it, but its not the done thing for a loose leaf salad.

You've all got that favourite restaurant, and the favourite dish. Its something that you look forward to and wait with anticipation. But what happens when it all goes wrong? From a bad meal, to poor customer service what was supposed to be a special treat for myself ended up not really being a treat at all.

Things didn't really go well from the start. First the waitress tried to take my fork. I know some people have used a knife to spear food and eat it, but its not the done thing for a loose leaf salad. So after getting my fork back the seafood chowder arrived. The seafood chowder was the reason I was here, and it was something that I'd been looking forward to the whole day.

Anyway they changed the recipe, and unfortunately not in a good way. In a cheap way! Gone were the good quality ingredients like oysters, squid, octopus, crabs and mussels. Hello celery, potato, bacon and seafood extender. Seafood chowder is supposed to be creamy, and yeah I pretty sure they substituted good quality cream for some cheaper stuff; you could just taste it!

I wish I could tell you that it ended there but it didn't. When I went to pay, the cashier was totalling up another bill and told me that she would be with me shortly. The term 'shortly' is vague and can have a certain leniency with its interpretation because I'm sure she employed the leniency on the long side. I waited while she tried to decipher someone else's poorly written handwriting and flipping through a manual so she could 'scan' in the prices. Not until she had clarified an item with another worker, and cleared some dishes away did she come back to me. At least that is what I thought until she went back to the other bill again. It was only at this point that she bothered to ask another waiter to look after my bill at the cash register next to hers that I was finally able to pay and leave.

My overall experience was disappointing, and it felt sad to know that something I once loved was no longer up to the high quality and standards that it once was. I could have said something, but once again no one bothered to ask me if I enjoyed my meal or apologized for having me wait while a second register was free and staff were standing by. So good bye David Jones Food Hall (Oyster Bar), good bye seafood chowder.


Oh seafood chowder...why did you disappoint when the expectations were so high?!? Nice recount Brent...made me laugh a little, I must say!:)

By Vanda (not verified)

The other day I took Maria into David Jones Food Hall where I showed her around. When we got to the Oyster Bar and had a look at the menu, guess what was missing...

By Brent

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