A week night date

I took Maria out on a week night date and we had a wonderful time. We combined walking, eating, exploring and dessert into a fun-filled late afternoon on a Thursday after work.

It started with a nice walk from North Sydney to Milson's Point and across the harbour bridge. We admired a cruise ship docked at Circular Quay and made our way down Argyle street to the Lowenbrau for an early dinner. I used to really like the Lowenbrau but now I find it to be very ordinary pub food with an expensive price tag ($31 for a schnitzel and fries). The recent reviews on eatability.com share the same sentiments as myself.

Walked around Circular Quay towards the Opera House where we stopped at the Guylian Cafe. The Hot Chocolate there is devine, however as it was a warm day I opted to have the most expensive milkshake I've ever had in my life. At $11 it was a special treat for both of us to share, and I must say it would probably be the best that I've had. Chocolate and banana milkshake - yum. It is on the pricey side, but I can recommend it as a special treat.

For those that have been to the Lindt Cafe and love their waffles, well stay there. The waffles at the Guylian Cafe are pretty crap compared to the Lindt so I can't recommend them for that. The other stuff I've had has been fantastic though.

After indulging ourselves in crappy pub food, ordinary waffles and one awesome milkshake we skipped a few train stops walked to Town Hall station where we caught the train home. This is what Maria had to say about our night:

Also had a great time with you. Never felt bored. In fact I am excited to walk up to the bridge and around city with you today. You spoiled me with food as usual. Think I have to work hard in the gym on the weekend. Thanks for loving me. I love you so much. Good night to you babe. xx.


I did not know that the Opera House was spelt Operah??? But apart from that it would seem that you both had great time.

By Marie (mum) (not verified)

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