Installing amfPHP

Installing amfPHP can be accomplished with the following steps.

  1. Download amfPHP
  2. Extract the zip file anywhere within your root folder
  3. If you're deploying on a production machine then you should delete all sub-folders except the amf folder
  4. More Information can be found from Silex Labs on installing amfPHP

The services objects that you create in PHP must be placed in the services directory. If you define a class called Bravo then the file name would need to be Bravo.php. Any Value Objects (PHP objects that have a corresponding AS object) needs to be placed within the VO sub-directory of the services folder. This is the default behaviour, and if you don't like it you're welcome to wrap your head around the configuration options to change it.

If you find amfPHP a little slow or you want to tweak the performance, then have a look at the config.php file found in the core folder. There you can make changes like disabling plugins that are designed for development use. You'll figure out what to do by comparing the config file with the name of the sub-folders in the Plugins directory.



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