A fun time on the computer

Once upon a time not that long ago my girlfriend came over to my house where she was treated to a lovely home cooked meal. Actually I can't remember what I cooked for her, but I'm sure it was lovely. Anyway after lunch we hopped on the computer so that I could show her some stuff that I thought she'd really enjoy.

Maria doesn't use a computer like I do. She uses one for work and that's about it. So what to do?

Designing a Logo

My website is using the default Drupal logo. Maybe I could create a new logo for the website? We visited LogoMaker, an online tool that lets you design your own logo using predefined clip art that you can rotate, change size, and change colour. Of course any logo making tool wouldn't be complete if it didn't allow for you to add text and do all the same things to it as well.

Designing a business shirt

Maybe my website is so cool that it deserves it own business shirt with my logo and name embroidered on it? We went to Logo Sportswear and played around with designing our own shirt. We didn't make a purchase (I don't think my website is that cool yet that I can have a customized shirt), but we did discover that they ship to Australia.

Designing other stuff

Like t-shirts, bags, hats, mugs etc. We went to Zazzle for that and had a great time designing stuff that we felt could be used as a personalized gift. It was a good experience playing around with this website because it gave us ideas for the future.

Designing Chocolates

Some places (hotels, restaurants etc) have their own personalized chocolate. Chocolate Graphics is a place that allows you to create your own embossed chocolate. Be warned though, you are charged extra if it is the first order and they need to create a mould.

Strangely enough I arrived at this website from here while researching QR-codes, which incidentally you can have embossed on chocolate as well.


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