Apache Slow on Windows 8


I have a top of the line ASUS laptop running Windows 8, however Apache is extremely slow.


Doing a google search will result in many people experiencing the same issue. Unfortunately for each issue raised, there appears to be several solutions offered. What I have found is that the performance issues come down to Windows defaulting to IPv6, and when disabled (or partially disabled) I have found massive performance improvements.

The steps necessary to disable IPv6 is covered in this excellent article, however this article advocates that you should not disable IPv6 because what you're really doing is masking a larger problem. For someone that doesn't do a lot of this stuff, it can be rather confusing trying to figure out what I should or should not do.

I Disabled IPv6 and found better performance with Apache, MySQL and PHP. However disabling it may have been overkill, so I started experimenting with the different options and found that 0x20 (prefer IPv4 over IPv6) worked for me.

I did experiment with reconfiguring Apache to recognize IPv6 localhost address, but I just couldn't get it to work. Maybe if I spend a bit more time I will figure it out.

The solution I have works, however I am aware that I will probably need a different solution when MySQL releases version 5.6 with better IPv6 support.


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