A tale of two

Maria and I thought we would try a new restaurant, Outback Jacks, and it was a disappointment. So much so that we wont be going back, and as others have attested, they also wont be going back either. I'm not sure how it got so bad, but here is our experience

On a Thursday night only four tables had diners, so I will say that the place was empty. In fact we were the last customers of the night, and we arrived just before 7pm. Contrast that to the outback steakhouse and you'll be waiting for nearly an hour to get a table if you arrived at that time any day of the week. So how to they compare?

Prices are comparable, but that is about it. At the Outback Steakhouse you tailor your meal how you want. Vegetables, salad, potato, mash, chips, soup etc. You choose what you want. Outback Jacks you always get salad, you just get a choice of chips or mash. The mash is actually powdered potato, and it is disgusting. I think I'd eat better from a ration pack than tempt fate again by eating at Outback Jacks. In any case I'll just stick to the Outback Steak House from now on. At least they have real potato, and I wouldn't be surprised if Outback Jack's went bust the same as it's predecessor Lone Star.

After dinner we decided that we would go somewhere else to share a dessert. I drove Maria to Cheeky Chocolate where we shared a beautiful dessert and a strawberry smoothie. I can definitely recommend Cheeky Chocolate, but reviews from other patrons would indicate the place to be a bit of a hit and miss affair. Apart from being on the pricey side, it is a nice treat for every now and then.

Read more about our journey with food.

PS If you find Cheeky Chocolate to be a bit too much on the pricey side, then you might find Hello Happy to be just as pleasant (although it too appears to be a bit of a hit and miss with patrons).


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