What did you learn at School today?

On a short trip to Brisbane, I rode shotgun when we had to pick up my nephews from school. Of course my nephews (both in primary school) were excited to see me, but that excitement can turn to dread with a quick conversation about school.

Uncle Brent: So what did you learn at School today?
Nephew 1: Nothing
Nephew 2: I don't know.
Uncle Brent: Well, since you didn't learn anything and you don't remember we'll get some pen and paper out and do some school work. How does that sound?

It's amazing how quickly they 'remember' what they learnt. My nephews proceeded with a barrage of topics about what the had learnt in the hope that they would be able to avoid having to do 'school work' with their Uncle. Of course some of the stuff they purportedly learnt may have been previous knowledge, but they did a convincing job of avoiding the dreaded 'extra' school work with pen and paper. What they got was a different kind of lesson.

When I was a child I was very good with what can now be called classic space Lego. I built most of the models of space lego from 1979 - 1985, and I knew a lot of the nuances of building good models. Not just models that look good, but are structurally sound. In their lesson, my nephews learnt how to build a locking device similar to the one used on this classic design. Basically it is a mechanism that allows 2 lego structures to be linked together - a cockpit and detachable lab section.

They loved that lesson, and hopefully they'll be utilizing the locking mechanism in a few of their future constructions.

This is a photo of me from with one of my first models from classic space. I remember having to plead with my mother for this set because she thought that I was too young. Well I showed her!


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