Family Photo

We had a family gathering with people travelling from Perth (eldest niece) and Sydney (Maria and I) to attend a 'Christmas in July'. During the evening I thought it might be nice to get a family photo of the kids.

Me: You should try and get a photo with all the kids together.
Niece: We tried.
Me: What happened?
Niece: Him (pointing to youngest nephew)?

I still wanted a photo of the kids together so I grouped them ready for a photo with the youngest nephew choosing not be part of it.

Me: I want to get a family photo of the kids. Are you part of this family?
Youngest Nephew: No (shaking his head)
Me: Well that's really good for me because if you're not part of this family it means that I don't have to buy you Christmas presents or Birthday presents any more...

It's interesting how quickly someone changes their tune when they're presented with several pieces of correlated consequences directly related to their statement. Its really good for me, and why its good for me. Of course what was good for me was not good for the nephew. He quickly joined in for the photos.

A photo of my sister's kids with a now obliging younger nephew.


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