Red Tape

So I decided to start a business, and would you believe it, government bureaucracy has moved on line. In fact I thought I had struck the express lane when I came to the Australian Business Register. It informs visitors that they can apply for GST, PAYG in the same session as my ABN.

The problem is, the express lane isn't really an express lane at all. Its actually a break-down lane and you're going to be stuck there for quite a while getting the mess sorted out. Here's the problem:

  • When you apply for the GST, you need to supply bank account details for GST refunds
  • You can't open a bank account until you receive the paper-work with your ABN.

So the next step is to revisit the Australian Business Register, and look at applying for GST or PAYG after your ABN has been established. The webpage tells me, word for word,

"If you already have an Australian business number (ABN) and would like to apply for GST, fuel tax credits and PAYG withholding, you can do so online at the Business Portal or Tax Agent Portal using an AUSkey."

After getting stuck in some endless logic loop about not having software, having to register for a AUSKey I finally get into the business portal to register for GST and supply my bank account details because I now have a bank account for the business thanks to receiving the paper work with my ABN on it. The problem is there is no where in the business portal where I can apply for GST or PAYG, despite the promises of the contrary.

Sensing that this really is a dead-end, its time to uninstall the AUSkey. The problem is

  • It doesn't show up in control panel for me to uninstall
  • The installation didn't ask me where I wanted it installed, so I don't actually know where it is hidden

When the government moved services on-line I thought that navigating the red-tape would be much easier. As it turns out, the bureaucracy still finds a way to frustrate you. Hopefully the phone call will be easier.


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