Not so famous quotes

If you've ever read MX, a free newspaper distributed to train and bus commuters in the major metropolitan areas, then you probably enjoy reading a few of the entries in the overheard section. Here are a couple of conversations that I was either involved with or overheard.

Maria: This ice-cream is fresh, not frozen.
Brent: But ice-cream is frozen
Maria:Yeah, but its fresh.

An interesting conversation to be had, but how is it possible? With the raw ingredients that you use to make ice-cream plus liquid nitrogen you've got ice-cream that is made in seconds. Its more expensive than its frozen counter-parts, but it is probably one of the nicest that Maria and I have ever shared. If you visit Southbank parklands (just across the river from Brisbane CBD), then stop by Nitrogenie and treat yourself to a memorable ice-cream.

I flew to Brisbane recently to stay with my Dad. He had a few family and friends from New Zealand, and I felt that it might be nice if I cooked dinner; saving Pop the trouble of cooking, or as he would prefer, go to the Lions Club for dinner. They all enjoyed their dinner, and later on my Uncle John and I overhead his partner talking on the phone.

Aunty Jan: Brent cooked a delicious meal. It had chicken and stuff.


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