Tales of a pooper scooper

When my girlfriend hadn't heard of Frank Spencer or the TV series that made him a household name, I quickly put a few episodes on so that we could both sit back and enjoy some 1970's comedy. We both laughed, and she really appreciated the style of comedy that was presented. Unfortunately, in a case of life imitating art, Maria created a calamity all by herself worthy of a Frank Spencer scene.

Pop Quiz
What do you do when you aren't tall enough to reach an item on a shelf?

A) Get a chair or ladder
B) Use a broom stick to reach the item

If you answered B, then you're in the running for a very special award. If you try to return the item (pooper scooper) using said broomstick then you're almost a shoe in for an award.

Maria told me how stressful it was because she wanted to leave the place exactly as it was. That meant putting the scooper back, but as you can imagine it was a bit of a struggle using a broom stick.

But that wasn't the end of it. She described kitty litter and dust getting all over her. I imagine this could happen if you put the litter in a blender without a top, or if you used the scooper like you were whisking eggs, but I have never experienced what Maria so vividly described to me. Maybe she never had a sandpit as a kid, maybe she was showered with litter while standing under it with a broom? Whatever it was, the whole episode could have been avoided because Sooty hadn't actually used his litter tray!

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