Sooty Time - a conversation

Cats have many different types of meows to convey information. Sooty vocalizes his meows just like any other cat, and uses his body to communicate as well.

Maria has witnessed this too. Often when he is lying on the carpet he will stretch out exposing his belly when you come in close proximity. This means that he wants his tummy/chest rubbed. If he is lying down on the bed next to you, then he might position himself so that you can give him a rub on the tummy. You know he is really enjoying it when wraps his legs around your forearm and gives your arm a cuddle too.

Sooty has transformed Maria in a way that she never thought possible. What Maria thought was strange, is now just a normal occurrence for her. Talking to Sooty. Now when Maria comes over to my place she greets Sooty and allows him to sniff/rub his head against her hand. Likewise when Maria leaves, she has a see you later ritual.

Sitting equally with Maria's transformation, is her witnessing Sooty understanding me. Now its not like I can have a conversation with him, but he does know 2 words. His name (Sooty) and vacuuming.

Brent: Sooty
Sooty: Sooty raises his head and looks at me.
Maria: He knows his name?
Brent: Yes, he knows his name. Now watch this... Vacuuming
Sooty: Sooty gets up, tail between his legs he goes to his hiding spot where he knows he'll be safe from the vacuum cleaner
Maria: Oh My God, he actually understands you!
Brent: Yes, now you want to sit down for a bit, I need to do the vacuuming...


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