Ubuntu Beginner's Guide

Recently I purchased an ebook from Smashwords. I made my purchase from this particular online store because they gave me a variety of download formats that I could choose from. Now I don't t have a Kindle or similar device, so I prefer my ebooks to be PDF when I'm reading them on my computer. I might add that the ebooks I am currently getting are computer related books, and with images and code samples the content may not be suitable for electronic gadgets designed more for reading novels.

So... I got my ebook (The Ubuntu Beginner's Guide - Seventh Edition) in pdf format and there is no contents! Neither are there any bookmarks! No worries, its just a short introductory book. I'll just skim through and try a few things out. Problem is I want to go back and try some of the examples out again, but I've got no way to reference it except to search through the book until I find what I'm looking for. So I decided I would create a contents page for the book.

I created the contents page in Word and saved it as PDF. Now I have a contents in PDF and an eBook in PDF. Now I just go to Chapter 23 - Working with documents from the command line and merge the two PDF files into a single document. Now I have an ebook with a contents page.

If you've purchased The Ubuntu Beginner's Guide - Seventh Edition and would like to save yourself the hassle of creating your own contents page, then you can download the one I've created. The page numbers in the contents already take into account the additional pages that I have added to the start of the book.



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