Sooty Time - a homecoming

Sooty was recently admitted to hospital for a very unique pancreatic ductular papillary adenoma lesion growing inside him. The cyst grew so large that it started pressing on his stomach and he was unable to hold down his food.

After an initial ultrasound it was discovered that the sac contained fluid; which they were able to drain 400mls and shrink the cyst to the size of a ping pong ball. The fluid that was drained was examined as a basic abiotic liquid that could be passed through the stomach, so Sooty ended up having a procedure done connecting a duct from the cyst to allow fluid to drain into the stomach. The procedure known as side-to-side anastomosis was the first of its kind performed for this type of lesion.

The surgeons would have preferred to remove the cystic mass however a number of vital structures including the portal vein, pancreas, bile duct and duodenum were intimately associated with it making removal extremely difficult.

After surgery, recovery and me being away Sooty finally came home. Here are a few photos of his first day back.

Tells me he never got fed, Sooty makes out that he either never got fed or wasn't fed enough. After checking the place out to make sure it is still that same as before, he will always have something to eat when he gets home.

Forgot to put his pillow down, so of course Sooty wont mind using the keyboard instead. At the time I was chatting on Skype so I didn't need the keyboard but sometimes he is able to send an unintelligible message, search for non existent people or simply hang up the call.

Thank goodness he moved off, but we all know that could change at any moment.

Now with his pillow,he doesn't seem to want to use it. Well, at least not yet but later on he'll rest his head on it.

Even after surgery he doesn't mind exposing his belly. He is waiting for a tummy rub of course, and you need to be prepared for him to latch on if he thinks you're going to pull away too soon or he just wants to play.

Sooty sits and lies on every part of the couch. Sooty has some YouTube videos that he enjoys watching, but watch them at your own peril.

Sooty is in bed. Unfortunately he hasn't given me much room, but I manage to squeeze in. Not often he will sleep under the covers at night (its usually a daytime thing), but first night back he did.

The next day

Sooty is up, been fed and its time to check outside before retiring to his secret bed in the wardrobe. There is a special spot in the garden he likes, as well as the patio where he watches people walking past.

The garden. Sooty enjoys this corner of the garden, and I bet he'd like me to remove the paling so he can venture into the garden next door...

Spying. Several stories below are other cats that roam about. Sooty likes to see what they're up to; but 3 stories up even Sooty knows its too far to jump.

Checks the plants out too. That's the Wattle brush growing in a small pot. Venturing into his favourite spot in the garden wouldn't be the same without it.

Edge of the patio. Its a little wet, and I did just water the pot plants but Sooty quite often goes to the edge to look out. There's a path below where he can watch people walking by, and a couple of times he has seen me on the path too.


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