And then there was one

Frozen yoghurt was all the rage a while ago. I remember when the first one opened up in Strathfield; there was a queue that wrapped around outside the store with people wanting for their sweet treat. Obviously one store wasn't enough, so another one opened and it too had the success of people queuing up outside the store. A few more enterprising souls thought that a frozen yoghurt store would be good and before you knew it there were 4 in the same block that you could choose from. So what happened?

Shops opened up to meet the demand, however that demand is now spread amongst 4 stores. Increasing supply would have enabled more demand because there are many people who wont or don't have time to stand in a queue for a special treat of frozen yoghurt. So those people are now adding to the demand, but how much of an increase that is I don't know. What I do know is that the demand wasn't enough to sustain 4 stores. Couple that with seasonal variations in demand (more popular in summer than winter), and a few negative reviews about the health aspects of frozen yoghurt and you've got the right conditions for stores to close up shop.

Now there is only one store left, and unlike the earlier hype with the first 2 that opened; there are no queues or line ups for this one.


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