Software for a new computer

It can be both exciting and annoying to get a new computer. Exciting because it is new. Annoying because you will need to install and configure various applications that you use. So what are some of the applications that I am currently installing on my Windows machine?

  • Chrome and Firefox. Chrome is the main browser that I use, and luckily for me I created an account with Google so my links go with me where I go. So all I had to do was install Chrome, log in and my links were all there waiting for me.
  • Microsoft Office. I still use Word and Excel, and sometimes Power Point
  • fBackup. Backup software. I'm not talking about taking an image and doing a system restore, I'm talking about backing up copies of my documents, images etc to an external hard drive.
  • Prey. Prey Project is something that you hope you never have to use, but is very handy in tracking down your computer (complete with location, screen shots and pictures taken from your webcam) if it goes missing. You can remote lock it, send messages and even sound an alarm if you're nearby
  • Thunderbird. Made by the same people that bought you Firefox, this is an email client which is useful for reading and sending emails
  • VMWare Workstation. This is virtualization software. The way I describe it; it is like running a computer inside a computer. That way I don't clutter up my computer with lots of stuff; I just clutter up my virtual environments. Handy if you want to keep the Windows operating system for a few games, and then use Linux or older versions of Windows for other stuff. For non-developers you might want to try the freeware version (for personal use) VMWare Player. Useful if you want to learn a new operating system or install a new program and check to see if it would have messed up your main computer
  • Skype. One of the major applications for making video calls. With a subscription or pre-purchase of credits you can make land line and mobile calls
  • TeamViewer. This great software is can be used for remote desktop support. Video and audio calls, plus a video feed of the other person computer so you can see what they see. You can take control so you can do stuff if you need. My Dad loves it because I can fix his computer while he is 1000kms away

That is pretty much all I am installing on the computer. As for the development stuff that I use, well that will all go onto my various virtual environments. As for getting VMWare Workstation, the main feature there that I wont get with the player is the ability to run multiple virtual environments simultaneously and communicate between them which is what I need for my current project.


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