FSX does not work on Windows 10

When I got my new computer I figured in might be a good time to get back into FSX (Flight Simulator). FSX might be 10 years old, but its still great for practising instrument flying, just cruising around on simply enjoying the scenery. With certain regional terrain add-ons you can really enjoy the scenery; much more so when the first flight simulator came out (mind you when it did come out, I thought it looked pretty darn good anyway).

Unfortunately there is a problem.

FSX does not work on Windows 10

Well at least for me, and despite numerous guides trying to explain how to get it to work, nothing would work. The best I got was running FSX in compatibility mode and I managed to get what looked like 8 bit VGA graphics with about 0.3 FPS. This makes FSX completely unusable.

Lets have a look at the conundrum I faced when attempting to get FSX to work on Windows 10.

DirectX 9 is missing

FSX wont run without it.

DirectX 9 can not be installed

DirectX 9 doesn't like this operating system (or several of the previous releases either it appears).

Okay later this year Dovetail Games are bringing out a new flight simulator based on FSX. With their partnership with Orbx so I think flight simmers might be in for a treat when it comes to scenery. Oh, I've just seen some screen shots. DTG Flight School screen shots. Very excited about this.

Now you could say that there is a next generation flight sim in the making,and certainly there was initial hype, however we'll have to wait to see what happens on that front over the next few years.


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