I've had over 2 dozen articles published in Magazines and Journals; both electronic and print. From short 2 page articles to multi-part series, I've been published in Europe, US and Australia. My articles are diverse and reflect a rich tapestry of my programming expertise and cover topics such as advanced aspects of C++, OOP, OOD, Windows API, VCL and more recently PHP.

Using Templates

C++ is a strongly typed language and in this article I demonstrate the powerful concept of templates.

Bitwise Operators

This is a follow on article to 'Safe File Operations' where we were first introduced to bitwise operators in retrieving file attributes. In this article I discuss in further detail the theory behind bitwise operators and their use in the Windows API and VCL.

Safe File Operations

In this article I discuss 2 major functions, LoadFromFile and SaveToFile and the coding techniques you can utilize to minimize problems. For instance LoadFromFile does not work very well if you're trying to load a file that has been corrupted (i.e.

Recent Items ComboBox

At the time this was probably one of the most advanced articles that I had written. It incorporated the VCL, STL, WinAPI and owner drawn controls. At 5 and a half pages it was one of the longer articles to get published in a 16 page journal.

Creating Splash Screens

My 4th article was two and half pages (including 1 page of code) that demonstrated a technique for creating a splash screen. Many applications in use today have splash screens, however my article accomplished a further step by creating a shaped window as the splash screen (to mimic a company logo for instance).

Getting File Version Information

This one page article showed the reader how to use the Windows API to retrieve file version information and use it in their application.

Understanding Function Pointers

A very advanced article that discusses the practical uses of function pointers from VCL events to Windows API callbacks.

Using the VCL source to track down bugs

My very first article that I had published in a programming Journal happened in the May 2000 issue of C++Builder Developer's Journal. The one and a half page article discussed an issue I had with the behaviour of the VCL and the steps I took to diagnose and fix the problem.