The sample collection that I'm displaying here are some of the more interesting and advanced reports that I have created. Most involve complex business logic and combine intuitive layouts with functional design. My clients have been very impressed with my skills in developing these reports with many receiving written commendations of excellence.

Deferred Examinations

It may not look like much, but this report pulls data from Oracle, MSSQL and MySQL databases and builds additional pages from content the customer has uploaded. This report is part of a Deferred Examination Application. Students would apply for a deferred exam if they were unable to sit the examination at the scheduled time, and typically they would supply supporting documentation.

Commonwealth Assistance Notice

The electronic Commonwealth Assistance Notice (eCAN) is a government requirement for universities to provide to students informing them of their HECS liability or lack thereof if they paid up front. It is dynamically generated each time a student requests an eCAN, and I also provided a staff interface to allow staff to generate or view eCAN's for testing or production purposes.

Comparative Cohorts Report

This report provided a distribution plot of overall achievement and statistical data grouped by cohort and each of the major assessment pieces + overall achievement. This particular cohort compared the performance of males and females (the girls did slightly better), and my process produces this report for about 3 different types of cohorts.

Mean comparisons report

This 3 page report with one major assessment item per page + overall was used to compare each of the schools average within a Diocese.

Distribution and Statistics

This 2 page report provided the users with distribution plots and statistics. Page 1 plotted the distribution of the overall score and page 2 provided statistical information on medium, mean, standard deviation as bar chart and tabulated data. The tables also had 3 years of data for comparative analysis and also provided additional statistical items.

Distribution of Performance

This report used pie charts and tabulated numerical data to convey the information. The tabulated data looked across 3 years worth of data for comparative analysis and the pie charts were grouped for the school and diocese, split across the different assessment items (Part A, Part B and Overall).

Indicator Report - 2

This Indicator report is grouped by Indicator and lists each of the schools and how they performed against that indicator. This is a sensitive report that is not distributed to the schools, but allows the Diocese to examine how each of the schools in their region are performing against each indicator.

Indicator Report - 1

I developed a series of indicator reports for the Religious Literacy Assessment (RLA). An indicator is the grouping of questions that concentrate on a particular topic. What was required of an indicator was whether it had been met or not. Thus all I needed to report on was the percentage of students satisfying the indicator.

Student Report

The student report was developed for the student and it reported on their achievement in the Religious Literacy Assessment (RLA). The RLA has 2 components, a Diocesan examination and a school based project. Results from both of these components were utilized to provide the parent an overview of their child's performance.

Informative Item Report

This report provided excellent feedback on individual items in an exam. It catered for multiple choice and open ended short answer type responses, and adjusted the reporting block accordingly. Open ended responses were plotted (based on the score the assessor awarded) on a line chart, and detailed information on the multiple choice responses were given as well.