Send SMS text messages from your web site, part 1

This 2 part series was co-authored by 2 of my students and the article consolidates one of the assignment tasks in the COMP306 unit that I taught at ACU. We discuss SMS gateway providers, PHP coding, authentication, and sending text messages from a web site. The magazine is available in newsagents in Australia and New Zealand.

Automating Drive Mapping

This was my last article that I wrote for the C++ Builder Developer's Journal. My interest in C++ was starting to wane, Borland had lost its way a few years earlier and my interest in PHP development was exploding. As a consequence I was running out of new and interesting things to write about.

Peering into Phorum

2005 was my first year teaching PHP and MySQL at University and I selected a couple of students to co-author an article with me. It was no ordinary article because this was their assignment that was getting published.

StringGrid WordWrap

In this 4 page article I jump into the VCL and Windows API and show the reader how to manipulate a string control with the Device Context. Sub headings include

Strategy Pattern

The strategy pattern is one of the most commonly used coding designs that I employ. A simple pattern to implement it's design is to encapsulate related algorithms and make them interchangeable. Ever built a website that was littered with conditional statements on a page to determine if something should be displayed?


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