Factory Method Design Pattern

In this 3 page article I consolidate the information provided in my 2 introductory articles on design patterns and present the reader with their first pattern, the Factory Method.

An Introduction to Design Patterns, part II

In this article I extended the TFileObject class into 2 subclasses; TVCLStringList and TSTLStringList. I talk about exceptions and consistency in behaviour across the sibling classes and set the framework for more advanced discussions into individual design patterns.

An Introduction to Design Patterns, part I

In this 5 page article I introduce the reader to UML class diagrams and the custom designed TFileObject class and its descendants that will be used my 'pattern' articles. At the time of publication there were not many books on design patterns, but the books that were available analysed the patterns independently of each other.

Indicator Report - 1

I developed a series of indicator reports for the Religious Literacy Assessment (RLA). An indicator is the grouping of questions that concentrate on a particular topic. What was required of an indicator was whether it had been met or not. Thus all I needed to report on was the percentage of students satisfying the indicator.

Recent Items ComboBox

At the time this was probably one of the most advanced articles that I had written. It incorporated the VCL, STL, WinAPI and owner drawn controls. At 5 and a half pages it was one of the longer articles to get published in a 16 page journal.


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