StringGrid WordWrap

In this 4 page article I jump into the VCL and Windows API and show the reader how to manipulate a string control with the Device Context. Sub headings include

Strategy Pattern

The strategy pattern is one of the most commonly used coding designs that I employ. A simple pattern to implement it's design is to encapsulate related algorithms and make them interchangeable. Ever built a website that was littered with conditional statements on a page to determine if something should be displayed?

Bridge Pattern

This article discusses the bridge pattern. A somewhat complicated design that allows the developer to separate the interface from the implementation and allow the two to vary independently.

Adapter Design Pattern

The adapter design pattern demonstrates techniques of how to adapt the interface of one class to match the interface of another. A very useful pattern that is often used to make disparate systems operate with a common interface.

A 'Dynamic' Dynamic Listbox

This 3 page article was my first PHP publication, and my first in a European Magazine. The magazine was available in newsagents in selected European countries, and via subscription in Australia. Needless to say, the publisher were kind enough to send me a copy.


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