Using Templates

C++ is a strongly typed language and in this article I demonstrate the powerful concept of templates.

Bitwise Operators

This is a follow on article to 'Safe File Operations' where we were first introduced to bitwise operators in retrieving file attributes. In this article I discuss in further detail the theory behind bitwise operators and their use in the Windows API and VCL.

Safe File Operations

In this article I discuss 2 major functions, LoadFromFile and SaveToFile and the coding techniques you can utilize to minimize problems. For instance LoadFromFile does not work very well if you're trying to load a file that has been corrupted (i.e.

Recent Items ComboBox

At the time this was probably one of the most advanced articles that I had written. It incorporated the VCL, STL, WinAPI and owner drawn controls. At 5 and a half pages it was one of the longer articles to get published in a 16 page journal.

Creating Splash Screens

My 4th article was two and half pages (including 1 page of code) that demonstrated a technique for creating a splash screen. Many applications in use today have splash screens, however my article accomplished a further step by creating a shaped window as the splash screen (to mimic a company logo for instance).


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