Guest Additions

Updated on 12 Oct 2021

Installing guest additions is a must for VirtualBox.

  • It allows your Guest Ubuntu to resize to the host machine or whatever size you have for your VirtualBox window.
  • Copy and Paste between the host and guest or vice versa (i.e. shared clipboard).
  • Drag and Drop between the host and guest or vice versa

With the last two options you can choose to turn the features on / off, bidrectional or one way.

Install Guest Additions

Installing guest additions is very easy. Once you have your VM running, choose Devices | Insert Guest Additions CD image ...

Once that is done, the CD will automatically run and you’ll be prompted to click the Run button. Go ahead and click Run and the Guest Additions will begin installing.

Once it has finished and you’ve restarted the machine you’ll now have access to additional features for your VM. The shared clipboard, Drag and Drop and the really important one - the screen that can now resize to automatically fit your VirtualBox window.